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Meet Our Team

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Hello! My name is Lucia Maya. I have been working in the orthodontic field for a few years and have been with Braces by Garcia for 7 months! As one of our RDAs (Registered Dental Assistant), my role includes encouraging and teaching patients about proper oral health and giving them the confidence they deserve with a beautiful smile! Every day when I come to work, it doesn't feel like work; it feels like I'm with friends doing what we love! I take such a joy seeing patients leave the office with a renewed sense of self-confidence and a big smile spreading cheek to cheek. Dr. Garcia is amazing! He is a great boss, teacher and counselor. Every day, I learn something new to expand my dental knowledge. Fun fact about me: I played club soccer for 12  years. Went to state with my team and came out in the newspaper after our finals! :) In my spare time, I love going to Disneyland with my husband, Jose and son, Jeremiah. We enjoy going for walks and spending time with each other.




Hi there! I'm Kim. I have been in the dental field for over 40 years (I started young!) :) I have worked almost all aspects of an office and have settled in the front office. I am the Financial Coordinator. I love workking with our patients, helping them with any and all of their financial and/or insurance concerns. I enjoy seeing our patietns' confidence and smile grow from the beginning through the end of their orthodontic treatment! Dr. Garcia is so kind and easy to work for! All the staff are friendly, funny and amazing and work well as a team. I have four children and three grandchildren (still counting!) I love spending time with all of them, goofing around and having fun. I like to travel, go to the movies, read and crochet.





Hello, I'm Frances. I am a mother to two beautiful girls. I've been married for 14 years and have been working in customer service/sales for over 15 years. I am the Treatment Coordinator. In my role, I partner with Dr. Garcia to ensure each patient receives the right treatment plan. I have the honor of being the first one to meet and greet patients to our office. I love everything about working in our orthodontic office...from the moment our patients walk into our office with their concerns to the tranformation that happens during their time here and their end result. The beautiful smile that will last a lifetime! (if they wear their retainer!) :) I admire Dr. Garcia's professionalism, his passion and his desire to make every patient feel comfortable, welcomed and happy with every visit and the support he gives his staff. A fun fact about me is I am outgoing and carefree and make people laugh and smile! I enjoy reading (during free time if I get any), walks with my girls and husband, pretty much anything that has to do with my family and 14 year old pup, swimming, parks, hikes, etc.



Hi! My name is Melissa. I am an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant). I enjoy interacting with kids and young adults (giving advice or talking to them about their interests). My favorite aspects of working in an orthodontic practice is working independently, having responsibility and working with kids. Dr. Garcia is very knowledgable, very kind and values his staff. He's the best orthodonitst I've worked for (and I've worked for alot of them!) He cares about his work and is very much involved with patient care. Some fun facts about me: I come from a large family (4 sisters and 1 brother). I love my baby boy more than anything in this world. I love animals and music. I love researching and learning everything I can. I want to continue my education and become an orthodontist, architect or music engineer :) I love being silly and dancing with my son. I care a lot about people who are close to me. In my spare time I enjoy playing music loud, singing and dancing (even though I can't sing). I love the outdoors, traveling, nature and love interior design shows.



My name is Nour Mustafa. I am a recent graduate from a board approved dental assisting program. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and recently moved to California in April 2016 to get married to the love of my life! All my life, I've always been known as the girl that's always smiling and positive about life! I love helping others, and love putting a smile on someone's face just by doing something so simple! Here at Braces by Garcia, i'm in charge of social media, records, pouring/trimming models and appointments (duties of an RDA). Braces by Garcia is my first job in the orthodontic field. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Dr. Garcia, someone who is patient enough to guide me through the work that is done to attain a great smile and a successful practice, yet making it a fun process! I've always had a passion for teeth and knew it would be something I'd make a career of. I love being able to mmake someone happy and more confident with themselves, just by helping fix or enhance their smile. Seeing a happy smile on a patient's face after they are done with treatment makes all of our hard work worth it! Dr. Garcia is very ambitious, easy to work with, very appreciative of his assistants, professional, organized and always willing to teach. He stays up to date with latest ways to be engaged with our patients. Fun facts about me: I decorated cookie cakes at Mrs. Field's for 7 years and was chosen to be representative of my dental assisting program and was featured on the front cover of the school magazine. Outside of work, I enjoy baking, cooking, spending time with my husband and family, interior design, working out, and shopping.



Hi! I’m Dani and I’m a registered dental assistant and a lab technician. I started working at Braces by Garcia in 2008, 12 years after starting my career in dentistry. I love seeing our patients’ smiles transform once their treatment is done. Both of our doctors are so easy to work with, which makes for a great office atmosphere. I am married and have one son. Our family loves being outdoors, going to the river and desert, and snow skiing.






Hello! I’m Mary and I’m the scheduling coordinator at the office. I joined the staff here in 2004 after beginning my career in the dental field in 1996. The best part of my job are the relationships I have with our patients and parents. I look forward to seeing their beautiful smiles and hearing about their adventures outside our office. I love working with our doctors because of their commitment to their craft. Some of my favorite pastimes are going to the beach, reading, riding my beach cruiser in the summer, and going to Glamis in the winter months with my family. I also like to collect turtles and seashells.






My name is Cynthia. I’m a treatment coordinator at Braces by Garcia. I love meeting new people every day and helping them understand more about orthodontic treatment as well as find a financial arrangement that fits their budget. Dr. Garcia is a genuine, kind, and a great boss! Our team is fun, friendly and full of energy. I have two beautiful kids and a wonderful husband. I enjoy spending time with my family, going to theme parks, going to the spa, and traveling. 







Hi!  My name is Yvette and I'm a Registered Dental Assistant.  I have been at Braces by Garcia since 2013.  I love assisting Dr. Garcia in creating beautiful smiles for our patients and  there is always something new for me to learn!  Dr. Garcia is wonderful to work for because he is so kind and positive.  I enjoy travelling, hiking and my favorite activity would have to be yoga.









Hi! My name is Staci.  I have lived in Temecula for 13 years.  I am married with 2 kids, 1 dog, and a cat.  I work in the font office as Dr. Garcia's scheduling coordinator.  The AWESOME patients and our staff is what I like most about working at Braces by Garcia.  Dr. Garcia makes our office fun and a rewarding place to be.  A fun fact about me is that I love to paint.  I also enjoy yoga, pilates, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

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